The Problem with Headphones

We normally hear the sounds around us with both ears and use the small difference in loudness and the slight change in timing between ears to focus and accurately locate each individual sound.  Unfortunately, when we use headphones, we often hear individual sounds in only one ear and there isn’t any difference in timing between one ear and the other. Even with the most expensive headphones, this results in what we hear being artificially pushed either left or right, sometimes seeming to come from inside our heads and often is hard to hear at all.

Now Hear Perfectly

With a unique new technique, iSpaSe processing takes the sound from any media player and creates new sounds that have the relative loudness and timing to exactly match what we would hear if we were listening directly to ‘live’ sound at the original venue. This results in an accurate and extremely realistic portrayal of the original sound.

iSpaSe is terrific for bands and orchestras where it focuses the sound of individual vocals and instruments and places musicians at their correct location. If the ‘presence’ of the venue has been captured, then we will hear it. For video games, it heightens the sense of reality by precisely locating each sound where the relevant action is on screen. For TV and movies, iSpaSe performs a little magic because it needs only stereo sound to give an amazingly lifelike experience of being “in the movie”.

Hear music samples at Listen and movie samples at Watch

Quotes from iSpaSe Users:

  • “Finally, a solution for headphone sound that works beautifully.”
  • “The improvement for me was immediate and obvious. iSpaSe really does completely fix headphone sound.”
  • “I listen with headphones much more now. The improvement with iSpaSe is amazing.”
  • “Listening to X-BOX sound with an SMK makes the game so realistic and the sounds of the action are exactly where you expect them to be.”
  • “Once you have listened with iSpaSe, you can never go back.”
  • “… and being able to use lower volume has to help protect the ears.”
  • “I understand now why opinions and reviews of headphones are so subjective. It’s amazing that we can make sense of the sound they produce at all. Finally, we have a solution – thanks iSpaSe.”