About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. We have tried to give you a sense of what our process does and how well it works. Our customers are ‘pioneers’ who are the first to hear and enjoy the benefits of truly natural headphone sound. We hope you will be able to join them. The rest of the world will catch up eventually!

The iSpaSe Research team is a small group of highly qualified and experienced media and technology professionals. Our goal is to provide new solutions to old problems in the way we hear and see electronic media. We first created the iSpaSe process as a research tool and followed up with the SMK in response to many requests from those who heard it during testing.

Research continues and we are presently demonstrating new “turn your head” technology which detects the position of the listener’s head and presents the sound in their headphones accordingly. This is the last necessary step to enabling a range of “total reality” headphone applications.

ISPASEĀ LLC is registered in the state of New Jersey, USA. All our research, design and manufacturing is conducted in the United States of America.

We can be reached at teamispase@optimum.net