Here are short samples of orchestral music, before and after iSpaSe processing, so that you can hear the improvement in quality and spatial accuracy with your own headphones.

Before processing, what we hear in headphones doesn’t sound like anything we experience naturally. Each of us interprets the effect differently but typically it is split to extreme left and right and is often inside our heads.

Mozart without iSpaSe

With iSpaSe we are now in “the best seats in the house” with the orchestra in front of us with instruments in exactly their correct position. We hear the original sounds perfectly with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Mozart with iSpaSe

Now, here are samples of music that have been recommended by SMK users. We have recorded each sample through an SMK so that you can hear it right now using your existing headphones. Please note that you will experience significantly higher quality sound with an SMK directly connected to your headphones and that iSpaSe is not intended for use and has no meaningful effect with loudspeakers.

Choose a quiet moment and enjoy. We hope you will find a sample that fits your taste in music.



Frank Sinatra: New York, New York (from LP)